The Ballet Shoes

a student led organization aiming to make ballet-inspired integrated dance accessible for people with intellectual disabilities.

Our Mission

People with disabilities often have their lives reduced to mechanical processes; they are told what they can and can’t do. This project aims to make the community that the needs and passions of people with disabilities are the same as everyone else.

The goal of this project is to incorporate joyful movements in the lives of our dancers. We strongly believe that our dancers can benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally by participating in our integrated dance organization.

Our Core Team Members

Pun- Founder & Project Manager

Hi, I’m Pun (she/her), The Ballet Shoes’ Founder and Project Manager. The inception of this project stemmed from my passion in ballet. Ballet is a form of joyful movement that should be accessible to all. Our integrated dance organization aims to serve the emotional, mental, and physical needs of dancers with intellectual disabilities.

Elle- Curriculum Designer

Hi, I’m Elle (she/her), the Curriculum Designer at The Ballet Shoes. I love being active and exploring various types of dance and routines. The Ballet Shoes provides an excellent opportunity for me to use my experience as a ballerina to give others of varying abilities a chance to try for themselves.

Melody- Marketing and PR

Hi, I’m Melody (she/her), The Ballet Shoe team’s head of marketing and PR. I joined The Ballet Shoe team because I want to give back to the community and make dancing accessible to anyone and everyone, including people with intellectual disabilities. I believe that dancing is a sport anyone can enjoy despite their circumstances, which is why I am here.

Ai- Campaign Manager

Hi, I’m Ai (she/her), The Ballet Shoes’ campaign manager. After I heard about this organization, I saw this opportunity to be very beneficial and give back to the community. I believe that dancing is for everyone, including the with disabilities. Everyone deserves a chance, and I do not want to see anyone being left out because of how they are. Moreover, I believe that I’m capable of being able to think of new ideas and campaigns and develop them further ahead

Moji- Curriculum Designer & Researcher

Hi! I'm Moji (she/her) and I'm currently 14 years old. I am the curriculum designer and researcher. I enjoy helping others, travelling, playing sports and I love animals. I want to be a part of the project because I want to try working on a non-profit organization. I feel like this would be a great opportunity and start for future organizations I may participate.

Angel- Social Media Manager

Hi, I’m Angel (she/her), The Ballet Shoes head of Social Media. I thought this project would be fascinating and would have given me a lot of experience. Above all, doctor has always been my biggest goal in life, and this would be an excellent opportunity for me to incorporate the hobby that I enjoy, dance, with the field I wish to study.

Our Volunteer Teachers

Chacha  / Pim / Mint / Poon


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a student led organization aiming to make ballet-inspired integrated dance accessible for people with intellectual disabilities.